Brandy Bell, owner of Imogene's Organic Hair, has been working in the beauty industry for over a decade. Brandy received her advanced training from the Aveda Advanced Academy, and has received ongoing training from the likes of Loreal Professional, Organic Color Systems, Kerastase, Redken, Rusk, Wella Professional, and Schwarzkopf, to name a few.  Brandy truly believes hairdressing is an art form, and feels blessed to work in such an amazing profession with the loveliest clients ever!  Today, Brandy loves all aspects of hairdressing, from the infinite creativity it allows, to the precision and attention to detail it demands, to the inevitable challenges and opportunities for growth it presents, and ultimately to the doors it opens into people's lives and hearts.    

About the Name (and Philosophy)

The name Imogene is my grandmother's.  She is 89 years old and embodies my definition of true beauty.  She was born during the Depression, lived through World War II, raised 4 children while working full-time, and has been married to my grandpa for 67 years.  Growing up I was always amazed at all the skills my grandmother seemed to master.  Besides being a wonderful grandmother (never forgets a birthday or anniversary for her 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren) she was a natural in the kitchen and an amazing artist and craftswoman.  

I can't remember ever introducing someone to my grandmother when she didn't give them a warm hug and smile and tell them to 'just call her grandma.'

Oh, and did I mention she still rocks a sexy pair of heels whenever she gets the chance?

Through my childhood and into adulthood, I have countless memories of huge family dinners, homemade birthday cakes, homemade doll clothes and dress-up clothes, and many fun sleepovers at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  My family never had a lot of money, and yet they somehow created a rich memory-filled childhood for me and my 3 brothers with a little ingenuity and a lot of homemade creativity and love. 

Those values have shaped the person I have become and are what has inspired me most during difficult and sometimes crazy times of my life.  I believe we each have the power to create a life of peace, prosperity and abundance for ourselves, even while being a modern woman or man with the demands of family and careers.  My passion for the art of hair and the healing power of beauty is exceeded only by my passion for helping modern women and men slow down for a few moments, feel better about the way they look, and do it all in a way that is gentle to our bodies and to the planet.  Namaste.